Blockchain-based global O2O payment platform service that meets users' diverse needs


Global O2O



BM Serivce

Blockchain-based GURUFIN Mainnet

All in One Service for O2O payment/management
(Smart Contract / User autonomous function selection system)

Sale / Management System

Sales System

Integrated management system

Point Management

Point Management

Global Alliance

GURUFIN Shopping mall

Exchange of Points

Integrated point management


QR Code

Coin Card

Maximize the convenience of payment/exchange


Expansion of
the global ecosystem

Sale Support

Franchise Business

Rechargeable prepaid card

Event Promotion

POA Mining

Support for additional sales services

The GURUFIN Platform is a payment platform where buyers and sellers can directly deal with smart contracts through the blockchain-based mainnet. Buyers can trade with GURU Coin, the cryptocurrency used on our platform.

Buyers can easily pay with QR or bar code on O2O purchases to receive products and services (through the wallet provided by the platform) or exchange points and rewards for cash according to the platform’s term of use.

Sellers can sell, make settlements, and manage products with the Sale/Management System on the GURUFIN Platform. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for cash at any time. There is a platform fee, but no payment gateway fee.

Points received from making purchases can be used on partnered sellers’ businesses, eligible products; at the GURUFIN Shopping Mall, and other eligible stores.

Various services provided will create a stable and scalable ecosystem of the GURUFIN Platform.