Stable Point Exchange

Sellers (with GURUFIN Platform memberships) can issue their own points, gift certificates, prepaid cards, etc., for buyers to use on the seller’s business.

The value of each point can be divided and exchanged for equal points per country and market so the points can be used for cross-border e-Commerce.

Stable Points are operated at a fixed value.


The GURUFIN Wallet is created after the membership registration is completed.

Get GURU Tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange and manage the tokens on the platform. GURU will be registered in a wallet that can be downloaded from Google Play, the Apple app Store, etc.

IPOS management allows GURU Tokens to only be bought, exchanged, and sold through the GURUFIN Wallet on the GURUFIN Platform.
Silver can be exchanged at cryptocurrency rates.

Escrow-Smart Contract

Escrow is a neutral third-party intermediary between the buyer and seller for secure transactions of currency or goods. Some services and products will follow the escrow system.